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, because of dishonor. i'm asking the holy spirit to teach me the law of honor. i've always been taught to be polite and to be gracious. you can have behavior... from a heart that has no honor. you can learn how to say nicey words to people and still not have a heart of honor. honor protects. honor corrects. honor submits. honor yields. honor is willing to listen. honor. your reaction to an instruction from your boss reveals your understanding of honor. something as simple as opening the car door for a lady reveals your code of honor. something as small as taking care of your elderly mother... is the proof of honor. i can create through honor what i cannot create with knowledge and intelligence. and what i lack in experience and what i don't have financially i can create through the code of honor. honor is a seed that will outlast my lifetime. if no one taught you how to honor someone because of their achievements, and there're seven reactions that reveal honor. your reaction to greatness. your reaction to the weakness of another. your reaction to pain. i wanna know your code of honor.
a leading role in a decision to challenge voter id laws in texas and south carolina that could restrict minority voting rights. >>> several protesters and postal workers gathered in front of the national postal forum in san francisco today. many are upset about the postal service letting go of jobs and even closing post offices. ktvu's brian flores is outside one of the historic post offices slated to close with both sides of the controversy. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. many postal workers say they are upset because their livelihoods are in danger, not only their jobs or pay may be reduced but historical post offices may close. meantime postal officials have attended the conference to generate new business despite paying millions of dollars to attend. >> but it must say important. >> speaking in front of hundreds of postal vendors, postmaster general patrick donahoe is looking toward technology to lead the postal service in the future. >> we think there is still plenty of growth opportunities because it's the most direct
for the public. the justices are not expected to rule on either case until june but one law expert we spoke with says recent public opinion and polling that favors gay marriage could have weight with the justices. she also believes the justices may come to a compromise, even portions of doma may be struck down. >> i think it will be appealing for conservatives on the court because it's a question of the federal government coming in to legislate in an area that has been traditionally reserved for the states making marriage law. i think it's a very conservative argument that will appeal to more conservative members of the court. then the liberal members of the court will be excited about being able to sort of affirm a commitment to progressive values like same-sex marriage. >> reporter: here's a breakdown of what may happen in the next few days. if the court strikes down prop 8 as a violation of constitutional rights same-sex marriage would become legal nationwide. or the cot can support prop 8, that means the state can decide whether or not to legalize same
, unmanned drones have many practical uses. they have introduced two bills. >> that is agriculture, law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, coast guard... >> they are requiring law enforcement to require permits. they estimate the unmanned drone business could be worth $34 billion over the next few years. >>> ben bernanke is announcing the feds will continue to hold interest rates right where they are. they are likely to continue their debate on the cost of jaun tatetive easing -- quantitative easing and he will hold his conference shortly after 11:00 our time. >>> they could see twin kiss back on the shelves. they are paying $410 million for the brand-name recipes and 5 factories. it is up to the new owners to hire back the former hostess workers. >>> a former study links sugars to death. they have linked 180,000 deaths and of that number, 2 5,000 were americans. the data comes from the american beverage association but the story is more about sensationalism than science. >>> it is going to cost you a quarter to get paper bags in santa c
. suggestions? how about the perpetual motion squad? it's beyond the laws of physics, plus a little heads-up for the ladies. the ladies? "perpetual motion squad-- we can go all night." i like it. i don't. teams are traditionally named after fierce creatures thus intimidating one's opponent. then we could be the bengal tigers. poor choice. gram for gram, no animal exceeds the relative fighting strength of the army ant. maybe so but you can't incinerate a bengal tiger with a magnifying glass. let's put it to a vote. all those in favor... point of order. i move that any vote on team names must be unanimous. no man should be forced to emblazon his chest with a bengal tiger when common sense dictates it should be an army ant. will the gentleman from the great state of denial yield for a question? i will yield. after we go through the exercise of an annoying series of votes, all of which the gentleman will lose, does he then intend to threaten to quit if he does not get his way? he does. i move we are the army ants. all those in favor? good afternoon and welcome to today's physics bowl practice
... try thermacare. officer pete c c i started in law enforcement in october of 1969 and i ultimately got hired on in denver in 1978 and my wife, deborah got hired on aurora p.d. in the latter part of july-- or june, rather-- of 1980. deborah was killed in the line of duty. shooting. couple months after that i got shot on the job here in denver. i still like the job. ( garbled radio transmission ) what's up, pete? we just got a call of a burglary in progress in our area. complainant says he's standing by out front and the party is still inside. unit 25. snyder: what did you say? what were you guys doing over there? you-- get your hands up. spread them. i didn't do anything. i was just going to... corr: get over here. back away from him. ouch. that's my wallet. what's it doing up front? it's a big wallet. what were you guys doing over there? we were going to champion's. let's see your i.d. no problem, man. man: it's a long wallet. i just didn't want to carry it up front. ( man speaking ) snyder: all right. these are the guys that were around there though? yeah. all right. let us know. w
the country are working with their federal and local law enforcement agencies to fight this. >> anderson: who is committing the crimes? >> the perpetrators are again, they are from everywhere. we have employees from different organizations that access to social security numbers. and street criminals that this is the new crack cocaine. it's easy and less violent. a lot of gang members, drug traffickers are doing this. we have former nfl players have been involved in doing this. and we also have a former marine who scammed his fellow marines in afghanistan while they were fighting for our country and took their id's and e-mailed that information to miami and they filed tax refunds. >> where are they getting the social security numbers from? >> a lot of the criminals go to folks inside institutions like hospitals, schools anyone who has access to all the social security numbers the people inside sell the numbers for hundreds of dollars. the masterminds make thousands. because they use the numbers to file. >> anderson: who is the most vulnerable? >> in the beginning you see elderly and children b
to include restaurants. officials say the goal of the law here is to keep plastic bags off of beaches to prevent polluting month ray bay. >>> governor jerry brown says he's come up with one way for courts to justify set budget cuts. california courts would charge $10 for each public record search. resulting in fewer courtrooms in use an higher fees. opponents say that such a move would restrict access to files the public has a right to view. >>> the u.s. senate passed a spending bill that will keep the government open through the end of september. it locks in $85 billion in spending cuts from the recent sequester. those will mean furloughs and cut backs. the measure goes to the house which is expected to approve it tomorrow then send it to president obama to prevent a government shutdown next week. >>> a bay area boy scout council has become the first in the country to call for the boy scouts to drop its policy banning openly gay adults and youth. a recent survey conducted by the council found that 65% of respondents wanted current membership polic
is expected in monterey county now the law sets claim -- lawsuits claim they have bad medical care and poor mental health facilities. >>> this controversial idea involves poke and one said that bike plan would be a disaster for local businesses. >>> you were covering a crash last time, how is that looking? >> it is looking okay and fortunately there are no major injuries and usually when a car flips over and rolls over a few times, the person just got out and stayed out of the car, it was a nice miracle and traffic is looking well. 880 looks good as you head out to the mcarthur maze and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is looking good but it looks a touch lighter than usual because of that crash upstream on carlson. now again it just surprises me nobody was injured and there is still a mess coming in from panola richmond let's go to steve. >>> already, thank -- all right thank you sal. weekend looks good, mostly sunny mild maybe even warmer by sunday and we have a weak system coming in and this looks like a one and a half and done, bu
is that law enforcement is not standing alone. >> reverend george cummings joins the chief on calling meetings with gang leaders urging them to stop the violence. 38 new police officers have just joined the force. part of the first police academy graduation in four years. >>> lowe's is being accused of discrimination in san francisco. they opened a store on bay shore boulevard in 2010. the chronicle is reporting six current and former employees are filed a lawsuit in superior court. they sailors hired minority employees to agree with the city to allow the store to be built. they say management fired employees once the store opened. lowe's declined comment but insisted it's in full compliance with city regulations and agreements. >>> a mock plane crash in the bay area helped dogs sharpen their search and rescue skills. they built this training facility. this is the shell ridge open space area in walnut creek. now the dogs were sent out in search of pretend plane crash victims that were equipped with everything from fake flood. the goal is to trai
, aclu is taking on san francisco, the new lawsuit is watching for the watchful eyes of the law. >> it could disappear from the park. Ñáçwçñ . >>> the accident happened on 94th and international. the speeding driver who ran a red light appears to be at fault. >> they are being challenged by the a.c.l.u. they were arrested by a protest in san francisco. he said police handcuffed him and started working through his private messages. he started a lawsuit in san francisco. >> they are preventing police from searching cell phones without a warrant. >> right now it is legal to search for cell phones but the question has not been tested where the state constitution offers stricter privacy protection. they have 30 days to respond. >>> the symphony will hold a strike and this comes as it passes the one week mark. they will perform outside where other musicians will picket. on sunday, physicians failed to reach a new contract. >>> the council committee is recommending the city to ban smoking in all parks less than five acres. that would cover
change to a law that california ranchers were wrangling over today. >>> today is national ag day. one state law maker using this day to introduce a new bill that would make tougher penalties for cattle rustling. ken pritchett is live in liver more. he talked to one cattle owner who has been hit hard by he's. >> reporter: not too long ago cattle rustlers took two heifers. nobody was caught. thigh are animals that are accustomed to people. it likely wasn't difficult when cattle rustlers made off with a dozen of them. >> those animals were worth well over $22,000 on that day. >> reporter: we talked with ranch owner by phone. he says the heifers were a month away from dropping calves. $22,000 doesn't even covert loss. >> worth many times that if you consider the number of calves they will produce. >> reporter: the value of cattle has gone up by as many as 50% in recent years, making theft more tempting and the consequences if caught are light. frank has a bill to change that. >> the people convicted of stealing will stay in jail. not get a slap on th
're not supposed to drive the car. the law says you have to have a valid driver's license. you got a tail light out. suspect: no, i ain't got no... harris: at nighttime, we can't see that temporary registration. let me see your i.d., boss. how old are you, man? twenty-five. come on out. what's the driver's name? my name is james. what's the driver's name? the driver's name? harris: this is what they gave you for registration? this is a bill of sale. oh. i must have lost the rest of it. harris: what are you guys doing down here, man? huh? what are you..? suspect: we was taking him home. you ain't going to find nothing, though. glenn: we stopped the car. the man on the front seat was moving around a little bit. for our protection, we get all three males out and frisk them and the passenger in front dropped the gun to the floor. i originally thought it was a blank gun. it turned out to be a .22 which will kill you as fast as any other gun. it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you take a weapon off the street like that because these guys are young guys. they're not just riding around in their c
the judge is not gonna say, "what's your diagnosis, mr. smith? you broke the law," all right? it's not gonna go down that way. you can read up on the literature a whole lot and what you're gonna see is a whole lot of theories about why this is happening and very little talk about what to do about it. >> yeah, it's true. >> you can read for weeks and not come across something that says, "tonight, when this kid does this, you do this." but that's what i do for you in the total transformation program. >> it wasn't a matter of a.d.h.d. it wasn't a matter of her focusing ability and things like that. it was just a matter of getting herself under control, learning how to deal with feelings and problem-solving. she couldn't think a problem from one end to the next and i didn't know that at the time, but i do now, and it's certainly been a breakthrough for us. >> so, as a parent you have to decide is that kid gonna control you, or is he gonna learn how to control his own behavior? in the total transformation program, i show you how to teach that kid to control his own behavior. and it's very simple.
an ill necessary. it implies that they cover it and that the law should be toughened. >>> thousands of diehard runners pounded the pavement at the running festival. this and wall event is gaining momentum in the running world. the first group of runners left the starting line near snow park at 7:30 this morning. >> i am not from the bay area but for me it was a great way to see all of oakland for the first time you know on the streets. >> the oakland festival had events for every skill level. including a half marathon and a fun run for the kids and it took just over two and a half hours for winners of the full marathon to cross the finish line. >> on the women's side devon set a new event record. >> it is so satisfying. i don't think there is anything more satisfying than the competition in june. >> more than 9,000 runners took part and the organizers say this event has been steadily growing in popularity. >> annual increases have been 50% every year and we are really pleased with those numbers. >> this is only the 4th year of the event. >> this
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spending on elections. california law requires contributors to state initiatives to be publicly disclosed. >>> most babies are fed solid food too soon. 98% of mothers say they give their baby's solid food before the age of six-hundredths. doctors recommend against solid food for at least six months because it's hard to digest. early introduction has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and sill yak disease. >>> starting next monday police across the state will be cracking down on drivers using their cell phones. statewide police issued more than 425,000 tickets for people talking on hand held devices last year. they also write another 21,000 citations for texting while driving. both of those activities have been illegal for five years now. the crack down will continue through april. >> i'm not distracted i'm paying close attention to sal. he knows what is happening on 880. >>> that is right. we've been looking at that. right now the traffic is doing pretty well in oakland on 880 on 580 but we still are cleaning up an injury accident at the cor
for a war zone than the streets. >> law enforcement's worse nightmare is coming across these weapons. >> they collected 600 unwanted guns, including 17 assault weapons during a gun buy back program. >> you wonder where they have been lying around. probably not in gun safes. not with trigger locks on them. >> reporter: he says the county paid out $60,000 at the most recent event, between 1-$200. >> i talk to gun store owners who say it doesn't work. flat out. what do you think? >> i think that, first of all, i want to say i support, you know, the ordinary course of commerce, what owners are doing, we are not trying to compete with them. >> reporter: selling the guns back to a store would require a back ground check and a 10 day wait. >> reporter: he says he was so happy with the results he is going to suggest making plans for future gun buy backs. live in san jose, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> five people are planning to run for the board of supervisors seat left vacant. he pleaded guilty to misleading taxpayer money. she is one of the
devices last year. they also issued another 21,000 tickets for texting while driving. law enforcement officers say they are the most worried about people texting and driving because you take your eyes off the road for longer periods of time. >> yes, you do. >>> 6:19 is the time. crash in san jose. how does that look? >> it's moving to the shoulder, pam and dave. northbound 101 at allen rock. it was in the lanes for a bit. it's moving to the shoulder. we don't need anything at all on 101. northbound 101 coming up from capital expressway. if you want to be ultra safe you can use 85 and 880. i don't think there will be a major deal. there are no injuries reported in this crash. 101 looking pretty good. and across the bay the traffic time between 238 and mowry is 13 minutes. that is probably the best you will do. it will start to get filled in. right now it does look good. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay. the metering lights went on 20 minutes ago. speaking of the city northbound and southbound 101 loo
searching for him but they did not find him. >>> law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out if a shootout with deputies in texas could be linked to the killing of a colorado state prison chief. it started yesterday afternoon ending with the death of a colorado prison inmate who was out on parole. the man's car had colorado license plates and matched the description. >> he did his job quietly and intently. he cared deeply about his staff and his family and the community. >> one officer was injured in the shootout. authorities say a runner outside of clements home at the time of the shooting may be a key witness in the case. >>> we are learning more about the man that killed a chp officer. 36-year-old christopher lacy shot officer young symptom. we know lacy was diagnosissed with bipolar disorder. police say he was a loaner that expressed antigovernment views but we may never get an exact motive for last years shooting. >>> the fight over reward money could heat up. $1.2million is up for grabs but there are several people who say they're t
for the need for new privacy laws. some government agencies including cal fire have permission to fly unmanned reconnaissance vehicles. as many as 7500 civilian drones will be cleared to fly within the next 5 years. >> they're flying smart phones. i think once private industry gets their ands on these we'll see great wonders. we'll never get there unless we place limits. >> reporter: more hearings are expected next month. >>> palo alto police have arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman. david yi of san jose arranged for a meeting with a woman at the grass slipper inn after seeing an online ad for a massage. when the woman arrived police say he pulled out a knife and then robbed and assaulted her. detectives working the case say they recognize the suspect and took him into custody. >>> coming up in 2 minutes, testing the limits of free speech. controversial ads are all set to appear on bay area buses. >>> the push for tougher punishment for a crime that used to be a hangable offense. a ranch has had cattle stolen from him. >>> good ev
in a proposed law to the city council to require retailers to keep tobacco products out of sight. the tobacco can only be displayed when an adult is making a purchases or restocking the mayor said this is aimed as curbing youth smoking. >> >> personal computer sales took a sharp drop in the first part of this year. market research said pc shipments have been hit by the growing popularity of tablets and cellphones. the firm is predicting a double digit drop in worldwide pc sales for the first quarter and that could effect shares of intel which produces process ors used in 0% of all proceeds. >> >> the trust tee over casey anthony's case wants to sell her life story to help pay off her debt. including her daughter's death and anthony's high-profile murder trial. the trust tee wants to sell it to the highest bidder. anthony owes almost $800 thousand >> the rover curiosity is having some problems scientists say there is some type of computer error. a similar malfunction stalled curiosity earlier this month. the robot is still in contact
and staying with his parents without any problem, then that's up to them. but by law, we're obligated, if somebody tells us they're going to hurt themselves or they're seeing things like this, they meet the criteria and he'll be evaluated. i don't want that coming back to haunt me, thinking that i left a kid here that i could have helped and he goes in there and kills himself. that's just not gonna happen. Ñáçwçñ briefer: so, don't forget it's friday night. the city's hopping already. so don't get hung up on anything stupid out there take your time and listen to your radio. deputy tincu taranu: you see a lot of weird things happen out here. you get the real life on the street. it's a whole different set of rules for life on the street than you got in a lot of areas. i've run into cases when... there's been people that had a $30,000 car. they came out here and sold the title for ten dollars worth of crack cocaine. that's how desperate they were for a crack cocaine rock. alto-six. dispatcher: alto-six. 29 on a new york tag, please. six-foxtrot-four-seven-ze
her dream took great courage because martin began her career not in a soccer field, but a law firm in atlanta. >> it was a great opportunity and position with a secure paycheck sand a predictable schedule. however, my heart yearned to go towards my dream of aspiring to play soccer in the olympics. >> at the start, there was tough times, particularly in south america. >> it was a very hard experience for me just because of so many of the preconceived notions that people all over the world have about americans. over the course of the five months, we were able to realize, oh we're morale like than we are different. >> now she's using what she learned to open up new worlds for inner city kids. >> introducing this ball alone is going to open up their eyes to being able to exercise their creativity. build confidence and develop new friendships. it's important for me to spread and share this tool with as many youth as possible. >> that's just what she's doing, beginning with children at the martin luther king recreational center in atlanta. >> one of the greatest th
. opponents say it disenfranchises voters. it's its already to get citizens to vote and see arizona's law as a roadblock. >> there are many barriers already in the way for the supreme court to put more barriers in the way of registered voters is not the way we want to go. we want to encourage civic participation and encourage people to come out and vote. >> reporter: so far, four other states have similar requirements and a dozen others are looking at similar legislation. california is not one of them. >> a federal grand jury in san francisco indicted a former ceo and business associate in connection with an alleged scheme involving the investment of $3 billion. vet store investigators say the fee was paid to the private firm. the sec filed a similar lawsuit against them last year >> contra costa -- 34-year-old raymond harris died at 6:20 thursday night after being shot on the stairs leading to the station. it appears the shooting happened after an argument. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contract authorities. >> >> an al
as the fair is under $35 and the customers mention the sponsors the law firm burg injury lawyers. >>> police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that injure add pedestrian. authorities say 22-year-old matthew was struck around 6:15 last night in washington street. police say the driver, 50-year-old timothy camp fled the scene but was found with alcohol in the car. he is currently on probation for a dui on vick last year. police malik's richmond's apology after he and trend mays were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl impaired by alcohol. the attorney general said no stone went unturned and plans to convene a grand jury. >> we'll push this thing as fast as we can, bring finality to this and determine if there is anybody else that should be charged and then the community needs to move on after that. >> reporter: the victim was not in the room during the ruling. the mother said the two boys lacked compassion and moral code. >> this is not define my daughter. she'll grow and . >>> that means closing loopholes and arranging ou
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law in arizona. right, jamie? >> reporter: right, in fact, i just walked past the supreme court coming in. there was a pretty healthy crowd in line waiting to see the case, which started a few minutes ago. basically, this law was approved in arizona in 2004. it says that if you are going to register to court, you have to -- vote, you have to show documents to prove you are a u.s. citizen. the obama administration opposes it. they offer it's an effort to keep minorities from voting. those for it, says look, it's very simple. it's to stop noncitizens and especially illegal immigrants from voting in u.s. elections. federal courts have been split on the issue. an appeals court did strike it down. this issue has not gotten a lot of attention. it could prove to be a mid one when the court wraps up its term in june. >> a lot of people wonder if a lot of illegal immigrants are starting to vote and according to one poll, they said .001% of florida's voters turned out to be illegal. so why there is so much attention for what really is a small problem?
group of senators gets closer now toen a agreement on overhauling the nation's immigration laws. senator paul says he expects to support that bill but he wants to insert some of his ideas. >>> the dominican republic will take on puerto rico in the world baseball classic championship tonight at at&t park. ♪ >> fans parked the park yesterday and watched the dominican team defeat the netherlands, 4-1. fans said baseball is part of their national identity. puerto rico defeated team sauce to make it to the finals. game time for san francisco is 5:00. >>> march madness begins this week. it's coming soon to san jose. the ncaa regulation basketball court is one of the final steps needed to get hp pavilion ready for the regional in san jose and local business owners are also gearing up for busy days. >> it will be much bigger than any sort of event. typically will be -- typically it will be bigger than a sharks game. cal is set to play unvl on thursday. and then the st. mary's gaels will play middle tenny state. >>> twitter is offering a fitting w
. harry reid says the measure will also include tougher laws and stiffer sentences for gun trafficking. they are against the expanded background checks. leading it could lead to a federal registry of gun owners. it will not include dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban but it will be offered as an amendment. >>> a gun buy back event planned tomorrow in san jose by the santa county clara sheriffs department. gun owners who turn in weapons will get up to $200 cash depending on the gun that is turned in. no questions asked. the event is being held at the reid hill airport between 8:00 a.m. and noon. >>> after seven long years and spending more than $400 million a project designed to help protect san mateo county coastal drivers is almost open. on monday people will be gathering at devil's slide celebrating two new tunnels between pacifica and month terra that will let drivers bypass an area known for mud and rock slides. and on tuesday it opens to the public. the first highway tunnel to be build in california in almost 50 years. >> very exciting. >
of that shooting. >>> law enforcement are trying to figure out if a shootout may be linked to the killing of a california state prison chief. it started as a high speed chase yesterday afternoon. it ended with the death of a colorado prison inmate who was out on parole. the man's car had colorado license plates. it matched the description of a car last seen at the home of prison director tom clemens. >>> gun owners you will be able to receive up to $200 cash depending on the type of gun that is turned in. no questions asked. this event will be held at the reid-hillview airport. >>> a berkeley couple are among the plaintiffs in this historic case. they claim prop 8 california seize voter approved ban is unconstitutional. the couple has been together for 13 years and raised four boys. >> they are adults that are going to work every day that are in the situation that sandy and i are in. they would have more support. their families could accept them more readily. >> the same sex couples say they should receive the same benefits afforded to heterosexual co
on elections. california law requires contributors continues those be disclosed. >>> most babies are being fed solid food too soon, it's reported. mothers say they gave their babies solid food before waiting six months and doctors recommend waiting until six months before you introduce those foods. doing this early has been connected to diabetes, obesity, eczema. >>> breaking news from san jose. police have issued an arm beralert for -- amber alert for a missing baby. investigators say the baby was in a car in san jose when the car was stolen. janine de la vega joins us live from san jose and you just arrived at the scene. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. there is a huge police response here. we're near story and jackson and amador court. what we know right now is that apparently, one of the parents was recall waking up their -- warming up their car, which was a 2006 white cherokee. it was a jeep. their 11-month-old baby girl, gabrielle was inside. police don't know if she was strapped in. police say somebody came in here, stol
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